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And maybe… sauna and massage?

During massage you boost your circulatory system, your blood circulates faster, heart beats slowly and everything in your body is relaxed. Massage have benign impact for reduction for telangiectasias or cellulite. We have a lot of types of massages, dependents on what part of body do you want to have massaged.

Stay at sauna is not only positive for your health but for your look and good fettle too. To the result of heat we sweat and with our sweat we unleash toxins but not only – from our skin „run away” sebum which is a reason of inflammations. With sweat we release overgrowth of salt (which we eat). Improvement of circulation have good influence for blood vessels and thanks to i tour skin is much better ventilated, soft and have nice colouration.

Significant advantages of using sauna and massage:

  • Our skin is soft, glossy and full of life,
  • It have positive influence on our mood,
  • Organism ages slower,
  • Tissues are better supplied with blood and complexion has more oxygen,
  • Thanks to endorphins – which we have more – we are more relaxed
You can reserve sauna and massage in advance of minimum 1 day. *
You can reserve sauna and massage in advance of minimum 1 day. *


Training object – Sportowy Klub Tenisowy Centrum is close to centrum of Bydgoszcz (Nowotoruńska 8 Street) and hasa t one’s disposal 4 covered tennis courts with carpet pavement and 6 uncovered tennis courts with central court and the stands for 400 people with bricky pavement. In our object you will find too:

  • Restaurant and bar
  • Sport Complex
    • 6 uncovered tennis courts
    • 4 covered tennis courts
    • Gym
    • Sauna
    • Fitness hall
  • Hotel

From 2009 in Klub Sportowy Centrum took place a lot of tennis parties (from Polish nationwide tournament of Juniors and Cadets to Men’s and Women’s Championships of Poland – individual and ensemble).